Thursday, May 5, 2016



MAY 5TH, 2016

Here we go, on another adventure into the greatest photographs found on the internet this week.  Found from photographers all over the world, here is the best collection of photographs from real photographers.  As I have mentioned before, this may be the only place where there is a true collection of photos from real photographers, other than news people.  If you look on the internet and type in:  Photos of the week, you will bring up Photos from the News agencies.  And they are great photos, but, some are just news photos.  These photos I have found are the artistic ones, that you want to hang on the wall.  So, with that, let's get to it, 6 of the best for this week:

photo credit:  Unknown

Photo Credit:  Shannon Squires Photography

Photo Credit:  Val Rodriguez

Photo credit:  Lori Stewart

Greek Island of Naxos - Shutterbug Magazine's
Photo of the Week by:  Matt Stirn

From Glacier National Park:  "Rainbow over big Prarie"
From Outdoor Photographer Magazine.  Photo taken by:  Randall Ayers


Congratulations to this week's winners.  A note that I take this blog and publish it to more than those listed on Facebook.  This does get published to many places including national publications.  So, your photos will get some international exposure.  So, Please share these yourself to those friends, and also to other noteworthy publications.  These photographers deserve the credit. 


Tomorrow:  Special Edition:  Travel Special on FRANCE.  See a special photo gallery and information on the great country of France.