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MARCH 10TH, 2016

This week's  Photos of the Week are once again, incredible.   I have found some real winners, posted on the internet, through special websites, social media pages, etc.  And I don't think you can find better winning photos that right here.  So, once again, here are 6 of the most incredible photos I have found this week:


Photo Credit:  Lilia Alvarado

Photo Credit:  Antorio Carlos Lima Freitas

Photo Credit:  Georgios Stamkos

Photo Credit:  Michael Linnihan

Photo Credit:  Kevin McNeal Photography

You’ve heard it said that it’s difficult to take a bad photograph in Yosemite National Park—especially in Yosemite Valley. Most park visitors create essentially identical photos from established viewpoints, but landscape photographer Phil Hawkins‘ gorgeous long exposure of the valley on a misty winter’s night is unlike anything we’ve ever seen:
Yosemite Valley mist aglow glow night mountains snow winter ice timber trees headlights
“Yosemite Valley At Night” by Phil Hawkins (Via The Atlantic. Click image to see full size.)
Hawkins has spent the last 29 years of his career focusing on photographing Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada. He created “Yosemite Valley At Night” in particular during February 2011.
“I noticed a slight glow in the mist hugging the valley floor and wondered how this would look in a timed exposure,” said Hawkins. “I left the shutter open for ten minutes and this image is the result.”


 There you have the winners this week.  And they are incredible Photos, for sure.  Hope you enjoyed them, and please, share these with all your friends.... They will enjoy them too.


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