Thursday, March 17, 2016




Ok, so, this is one day late, but, yesterday was the scheduled "Photos of the Week".  And it was a good blog too!  So, with that in mind, I wanted to do a special photo gallery of Ireland.  I think anyone who has seen pictures of Ireland, has usually thought Ireland as being a very beautiful country.  I know that Ireland is a place that many people want to visit.  Perhaps, after seeing these photos, you may want to go more than ever.  I was very excited to see  some of the beauty of this country.   And this should be an exciting gallery of photos to see.  Please go through all the photos, as, I have tried to collect a good variety of photos from Ireland, so you would not get bored as you viewed these.  Hope you enjoy these:


Would you love to golf here?  This is the scene from Lalinch golf Links
Photo Credit:  Irish & Ann Seidita  & Linda Sala

Scene from Pine Island, Connemara National Park
Photo Credit:  Tourism Ireland

Photo Credit:  Ann Seidita

Photo taken in St. Stephens Green in Dublin
Photo Credit: Irish Central Photos

Photo taken along the River Shannon at Limerick City
Photo Credit: Shannon Laabs Fletcher

Blackrock Castle on the River Lee in County Cork
Photo Credit:  Kelley Demiranda

View of the mountains at Dunlewy, County Donegal
Photo Credit: Linda LeMoigne

Irish beach at Lahinch, County Clare
Photo Credit:  Tourism Ireland

"Forget the Alps"
Photo Credit:  Hilary Fitzpatrick

Older than the pyramids of Egypt - Newgrange in County Meath
Photo by: Sue Gaudian

Westerly View from Bunmahon, The copper Coast, County Waterford
Photo Credit:  Mary Kelly

Powerscourt Waterfall, Enniskerry, Bray County Wicklow
Photo Credit:  Tourism Ireland

Castleroche, Northwest of Dundalk in County Louth
Photo Credit:  Tourism Ireland

Killary Harbour, County Galway
Photo Credit:  Jackie Wilson

Warrenpoint, Flagstaff in Newry, County Down
Photo Credit: Irish

Dungaire Castle, Kinvarra, County Galway
Photo Credit:  Aloha Cruz

Wild coast of County Antrim
Photo Credit:  Aloha Cruz

Kings Road - this road is well known in the U.S. show:  "Game of Thrones"
Photo Credit:  Linda Crapps

Lettercamps, County Kerry, overlooking Puffin Island and Skelligs in the distance
Photo Credit:  Irish

Fanad lighthouse, Fanad peninsula, County Donegal
Photo Credit:


There you have a small presentation of the country of Ireland.  A special reminder of St. Patrick's Day, and a good look at what the Irish people have for their country to look at.  I have always though of Ireland being a beautiful country, and having researched this and putting this together, I am convinced, I would love to go there, and get some pictures myself of this beautiful country.  

I hope you too enjoyed this.  Please take the time to pass this on.  There will be many people who will appreciate the photos in this gallery.


Next week, I look forward to a real special week, and I will make a special presentation on Monday.  So, don't miss the special blogs next week.