Tuesday, February 23, 2016




Well, another great week of the most incredible photos, brought to you by the photographers of the world.  I mentioned last week that I went on to Google, and typed in: Photos of the Week, and all I could find for the first 2 pages, are Photos of the Week by journalist, and product manufactures, but I could not find any that were solely dedicated to Photos of the Week by real Photographers.  I have found, on occasion,  some magazines that do Photos of the day, and I will often post some of them here on this blog.  So, you can be pleased to know that these 6 photos are well researched, and found, in my professional opinion (and others) to be the best of the week that are published out in social media, and photography journalism this week.  So, with that reminder, here is this week's incredible Photos of the Week:


Twenty years. That’s how long Canadian marine biologist and National Geographicphotographer Paul Nicklen has been documenting “the beauty and the plight” of Earth’s polar regions and oceans. If the following image of a majestic ice cap in Svalbard, Norway is any proof, Nicklen’s dedication has paid off:
norway ice cap wall waterfall ocean paul nicklen national geographic
A Norwegian ice cap photographed by Paul Nicklen (Via National Geographic. Click image to see full size.)
An ice cap is a glacier that spans less than 19,000 square miles (50,000 sq. km.). This particular one can be found on the island of Nordaustlandet in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. The ice cap’s waterfalls, though picturesque, are fueled by glacial meltwater—a consequence of global warming.
“As our ship approached the massive ice cap… I was shocked to see a string of waterfalls that straddled the entire expanse of the melting ice,” said Nicklen.

Photo Credit:  Tho Dao Nidam

 Photo Credit:  Veronik@  - Titled:  "Purple Dream"

Photo Credit:  Tsun-Hsiung Chian

Photo Credit: Win Lassche

Photo Credit:  Earth Matters


That is this week's photos of the week.  Tomorrow, another fun SPECIAL EDITION Photo gallery:  Pet photography.  Everyone loves their pets, and the photos are incredible of their pets.  You will enjoy these fantastic photos.

See you tomorrow.