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I am excited to bring to you another great "Photographer Special", this time featuring: "RAQUEL PHOTOGRAPHY" .

Besides another very attractive young lady, this great girl comes from Spain.  The first time I saw one of her photos was, once again, a Black and White Photo.  Generally, it takes quite a bit for me to get excited about Black and White photography, but, if it is done right, I think it is really, really great art.  Someone has to have figured out lighting, contrast, composition, and something that just grabs me.  And that photo I saw for the first time did just that.  Plus, there was something really unique with her photo.  The signature.  A lot of photographers will copyright their photos, by signing it with their name in the corner.  They will usually do a nice signature, but, Raquel, had really done a unique signature, that, I thought just really made her photo look very, very professional and "classy art".  So, I checked into this logo, or signature, and it is a cherry blossom from the Japanese cherry blossoms.  Each blossom represents the blood drops spilled by the samurais in battle.  Now, I have been to Japan, and did not know that, but, they are considered a very honorable item in Japan.  So, that showed, to me some real character of Raquel.  She is a fighter and wants to make her photography a serious part of her life.  I am very glad to know Raquel, even though we are half way around the world, I respect her for her great achievements she has made in photography so far.

My Guitar chords fill my soul that cries for your absence 
(This is the first picture that grabbed my attention.  Lighting, contrast, and notice her signature)

Once again, I think she has mastered the use of lighting really well in her 
Black and white photography.  Can't you see that hanging on a wall?

From Raquel:
     My name is Raquel Salas.  I was born in 1995 in Zaragoza, Spain.  I've always enjoyed the world of images, since I was young, but, it was in the summer of 2011 when I got more interested in the world of photography.  Doing courses in Photoshop, analog photography, lightprinting..... I realized that was what I wanted to devote my life to.  So, I started the higher degree of lighting, capturing and editing the image as soon as I could, and I finish this year.  My Grandfather is a photographer, and I suppose that has helped me to see things from the photographer's point of view. It was he who gave me my first analog camera, a Konica Autoreflex Tc and since then, I have started to collect some of them. I don't know, yet, what type of photography I will dedicate my life to, but, what I do know is that I want to transmit what I see and feel through photography. That makes me feel alive.  "Photography can give me hope to be someone special".

Not too many people are good at doing double exposures well, but, this one is right on.
Love how this turned out.

Another great double exposure, simply titled: "Women Monument"

Mi nombre es Raquel Salas, naci en 1995 en Zaragoza, Espana.  Me ha gustado mucho siempre el mundo de la imagen, desde pequena, pero fue en el verano de 2011 cuando me fui interesando en el mundo de la fotografia.   Haciendo cursillos de photoshop, fotografia analogica, lightprinting, di cuenta de que era a lo que queria dedicarme, asi que en cuanto pude empece el grado superior de iluminacion, Captacion y Tratamiento de la Imagen, lo acabo este ano.  Mi abuelo es fotografo y supongo que eso me ha ayudado a ver las cosas desde el punto de vista de un fotografo.  El fue quien me regalo me primera camara analogica, una Konica Autoreblex Tc y desde entonces empece a coleccionar alguna.  No se aun a que tipo de fotografia me dedicare pero lo que si se es que quiero transmitir lo que veo y siento a traves de una fotografia, eso me hace sentir viva. "La fotografia puede darme la experanza de ser alguienn especial".

Most of the time, photographers step over the beauty that is on the ground.  We miss the little things
around us.  Love that this was just there, maybe posed, who knows, but, NICE !!

I noticed on Raquel's Facebook photo page, that she has a link to a series called:  "SENSES"  
I think everyone should go to her blog and check this out as well:
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Watching for the perfect moment to capture the emotion!

"Soul of Life"  I'm in love

Raquel is busy.  She also has a Youtube channel.  Check out:
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I remember when I took a photo class, and the assignment was "still photography".  Anybody else get that assignment?  Well, if Raquel did this as an assignment, she should get an A+.  The lighting is great, background makes the subject just stand right out, and it makes for a great still photo.  Congratulations.


I want to thank Raquel for allowing me to highlight her fantastic work.  I hope you will "like" her Facebook page, and visit her regularly, and her YouTube channel.  She certainly has some great talent, and I look forward to seeing more great photos from her in the future.  Thank you so much Raquel, and Congratulations for being selected as a "Special Edition" photographer.  

If you would like to be a "Special Edition" Photographer"  Please contact me at:  Certain rules and guidelines are required.

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