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Duarte  Sol


Duarte Sol Photography!  Another one of the first photographers that just hit me hard as one of the best !  Let me tell you how I got started with Duarte.  I have, what I call a Facebook photographic account, and that is where most of my photographic friends all over the world have been found.  I don't remember how I did it, but, when I set up my Facebook account, I wanted to set up an account that was different than people that I knew.  I wanted to associate with Photographers, people who were interested in the same thing as me.  So, I went searching for photographers who had been posting great pictures on Facebook.  Then I could associate with them, and learn from them.  I started out with maybe only 50 friends initially.  Now, there are hundreds and hundreds of friends who are very good photographers.  Well, Duarte Sol was one of the first ones I found.  I was "awe" struck with his photography.  He continues to amaze me.  As you will see in his biography that he is self taught in photography and he has become his country's best.  He lives in one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal, and I think he can walk out of his house and just find great things to take pictures of.  He has learned the art of light, of effective use of shutter speeds to blur the water, but, the sunsets, and sunrises he sees every day, are masterpieces.  So, let me introduce to you, one of my friends from Portugal, Duarte Sol:

My backyard .... is Santa Catarina islet and I really love this place.
"The scientific observer of Nature is a kind of mystic seeker in the act of prayer"   
--- Muhammad Iqbal

The Labyrinth of Inspiration.
"I dream my painting and I paint my dream."
----Vincent Van Gogh

Born in Funchal, Maderia in May 1977, Duarte Sol, is an avid photographer.  Passionate about Madeira and photography, I try to complement the two together.  As an Islander I find inspirations in the landscapes of the island and focus a special attention to the seascapes.  I am self-taught, and I try to see the "common" differently trying to convey feelings that often escape the most casual observer.

Some of the key differentiating elements of my photography are the strong  and dynamic compositions and the contrasts and colors through which I try to convey emotions and different feelings to each of the viewers of my works.
------Duarte Sol

The guiding path.
"No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can and no one may.  We ourselves
must walk the path."
---- Sayings of Buddha

This was posted, Dated 13 December, 2015:
First, in the middle of the week, winning the 1st place in the 5th edition of Photographic Competition
"Celebrating Nature" organized by the Madeira Tourism board.
Today, the news of the election of  Madeira island as "Best Tourism Island of the world for 2015", 
and with the complement of all the promotion, both national and international. based on a photo
of "yours truly", taken in the beautiful Ponta de Sao Lourenco, that, apparantly will become 
a 15 meter outdoor panel in one of the busiest streets in the Capital city, Lisbon.

The magnificent View will certainly be seen throughout the world.

Thank you to those who chose to associate me with this prestigious award.
Madeira deserves it.

Another view of the same Winning area.

You will notice that almost all of Duarte's photos state:  "powered by Nisi" .  That is 
because his photo of the Eiffel tower was used as a promotion by Nisi filters.  
An interesting thing to learn about some time:  How to use filters effectively.  
Nice to have your photos picked up by a manufacture, and highlighted like that.

"The Thread of Life"
Every day the world loses a little of it's humanity. 

In a short visit to Paris, I fell in love with the city that has surprises around every corner with it's endless beauty.

Irony, or trick of fate, I was there last Friday the 13th, when the insane acts of a few, marked forever the lives of many.

God bless and protect the families of the departed.

Paris will never be the same.  The world will never be the same.  I will never be the same.

#pray for paris, #pray for the world

Eternal silence

Cotton Sky

The following just shows how good Duarte Sol really is:
The Photo Planet Project:
The Photo Planet Project features passionate landscape and nature photographers from around
the globe that strive to show you the hidden beauties and secrets of their part of the world.  One
country per photographer, one photographer per country.  Each one showing you with all their
talent and local knowledge the natural beauties of the planet that surrounds them.

I have the great honour of being chosen to represent our country, Portugal, by 
Francis Audet.  Thanks Francis!!!
------Duarte Sol

Another great recognition for Duarte Sol, was that this photo was published in one of the
largest photo magazines in the world:  Photography Week.  
This is Salemas Beach at Porto Santo, Madeira once again highlighted.

It is obvious that Duarte Sol is a very good, highly respected photographer throughout 
the world, and I feel very privileged to know him.  Duarte, you inspire me with your 
photography and the fact that you are self taught, makes me realize that
we all have hope.

There is just one thing I would like all those who read this to do:  go to your Facebook area
under "LIKES".  Search for "Duarte Sol"  and "LIKE" his page.  He already has a 
very large group of people who like his photography, and I think it would only 
be wise to be part of his fan club.   Then every time he posts another photo, 
you will be one of the first to get that photo from him, and stay updated of the great
work he is doing.

Thank you so much Duarte for letting us into your life, and seeing just a few of the great
photos you have taken.  I would be so proud to take this kind of art.

I would like to post, one last photo.  I think this is definitely one of my favorite photos:

Morning Star



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