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JANUARY 28TH, 2016

End of January 2016 already!  Wow !  And here we go with some more incredible photos found on the internet, from some professionals, amateurs, and the greatest photographers out there.  All who were willing to display their talent to the world, and I have captured them to be seen here, so, we could learn, and grow from their success.  Congratulations to these 6 artists who have achieved this ranking of "Photos of the Week" for this week:

Photo Credit:  Magda Bognar - and Creative Photography
( oh, the depth of field on this close-up is so perfect !)

Photo Credit:  Uzair Aziz Photography.  Simply titled :  Light from Heaven

Photo Credit: Reka Kovacs - Titled Tears of Autumn
(Sometimes only the trained eye will catch the beauty that is missed by most )

Photo Credit:  Magda Bognar - Titled:  Poppy
(Second photo from the same artist in the same week ! )

Wildlife Photographer of the Year:  Nordic Landscape and 
Wildlife Photographer :  Orsolya Haarberg

Photo Credit:  Daniel Bommarito (Bommarito fine Art)
Titled:  Grand Sunrise


There is this week's Photos of the Week.  Spectacular, all of them.  And for me, the ones of the flowers, gives me a little bit of spring fever.  Loved to see those come through.  I love the photos of winter, but, where I live, I am getting tired of winter already.

Congratulations to this week's winners who made the "Photos of the Week" .  Spectacular, and also some ways more, for us to learn from them.  Thank you for your talents.


Just a quick side note:  Tomorrow (Friday the 29th), I will be doing an extra blog on:  The Art of Black and White Photography - Part 2.   I have posted this before, but, there has been such a great response from the first one, that I wanted to do it again to highlight some more great talent in the Black and White World of Photography !  It is definitely not a dead art, in fact, a growing art, and when you see these photos, I think you will totally fall in love with Black and White photos again.   You will have to see the artists and their photos I have collected for this special edition.


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