Tuesday, January 19, 2016


JANUARY 21ST, 2016

Another great week, and I am getting slammed with the most incredible photographs in the world.  It is so fun to grab these photos and display my favorites, and yours, as we present to you, this week's winners of "Photos of the Week".  And remember, the whole purpose in this is for us to be inspired to go practice our photography skills, and see if we, too, can take a "Photo of the Week".


Photo Credit:  Bogdan Panait
(You have to get up early and be ready for cold to get a picture like this, but, wow, is it worth it )

Himalayan Sunrise.  Photo Credit: W. Lee
(We must really be into sunrises this week, because it takes real guts to get pictures like this )

Shadow People at the dark Hedges.  Photo Credit: Creative Landscapes by
Stephen Emerson 
Posted through "Fine Art Photography"

Photo Credit:  Jo Jo CoCo
( Isn't lighting the most important part to most great photos?)

Photo Credit:  Chen Junjie
( This is called being at the right place at the right time.  Wouldn't you be upset if you didn't bring your camera? )

Photo Credit:  Remi Lemenicier Photographies &
Landscape Photography Magazine


There is this week's finalists in the "Photos of the Week".  Tenacity.  That is what it took to take all of these great photos, and congratulations to all the photographers this week.  Absolutely incredible photos this week.  I look forward to next week's photos and every Thursday.   


Tomorrow, Friday, another great "Special Edition Photographer" will be highlighted.  This time I will be highlighting Laurie Excell Photography.  This time this photographer comes from the United States, and has quite a history of different types of photography, and has written some books on photography.  A true Professional and I am sure everyone will enjoy learning from a true professional.



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