Wednesday, December 30, 2015


And Happy New Year !  Wow, the last post of the year, and it is one of everybody's favorites:  The Photos of the Week !!  And they are incredible, as usual.  New photographers, new ideas, and from all around the world. Please take a moment to look at these photos very carefully, and see what happened to make these photos so great?  Could you have done this?  Was it just timing?  Being in the right place at the right time?  I am here to tell you, that most of the time, it is skill.  That is why we emphasize the photographer's name so much, because, it has taken years of study, and thousands of photos to learn to take pictures like this.   So, enough said, let's give you this week's "Photos of the Week".

Please turn your device correctly to get the best view of the photos, either horizontal for horizontal photos or vertical for vertical photos. 

Photo Credit: Chad Jones Photography

Photo Credit:  Laurie Excell

Photo Credit: Daniel Tjongari

Photo Credit: Nick Lee Photography

Photo Credit:  Tim Harding

Photo Credit:  Lesa  Corrine


All 6 of these are just great photos.  All very different, and all great skill taken.  Congratulations to these winners.  Please share these photos with your friends and family and pass it on to people who just love great pictures.

******  Starting January 1st, 2016, I will be doing a "Special Edition - Photographers special"  taking a moment to highlight these special photographers who is willing to share their love of photography with the world.  There are truly some great photographers out there, and I want to introduce you to them specifically, to showcase their great work.  And coming this week, on January 1st, 2016, I will highlight the great work of one of my favorite photographers:  FIG SAUVAGE PHOTOGRAPHY.  So, please watch for that.  You will love her work, and the great photos I have discovered.   And look forward to more "Special Edition - Photographers Specials" coming up this year.

If  you would like to have your photography highlighted through the "special Edition" feature of my blog, contact me at :

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