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I need to explain this a little.  I think as we get better in photography, we find that we experiment with a few different things that we like to take pictures of.  Naturally, we seem to always take memory photos, or photos of the family.
We should take these kinds of photos because that is our everyday life.  These photos mean the most to all of us.  But, as we take more pictures, it is obvious that we find out that photography is truly an art.  So, as we take more pictures, we see other great photos from other photographers, and we are just ready to try taking pictures like that too.  And occasionally, we are somewhat successful at taking some of those pictures.  So, now we have become an 

So, as I started taking pictures my self, I found that there were several types of subjects that a photographer could really get serious about.  Whether they wanted to get serious and make money about it, now, that's a different story.  But, to think for their own pleasure, and maybe eventually take enough pictures of that subject that you could be making some money at this.  So, with that in mind, let's take a look at different types of photo subjects that might be of interest to you besides the usual memory photos of your family.

#1 -  Close up photography:  This is a very fun and exciting subject.  As you start taking photos of things up close, you discover beauty that you haven't seen before.  Flowers that are just incredible.  These are fascinating subjects.  Bugs, bees, butterflies are some other things that are great subjects for closeups, that are just some more ideas for close-up photography.

#2 -  Scenic Landscape Photography: 
 This is probably the most popular of subjects.  But, wow, as you can see, it is not as easy as you think to get really, really good at this.  Lighting, timing and use of slow shutter speeds, as this one shows on the right, all make for incredible scenic shots.  It takes practice.  I want to relate a story of mine in this regards.  I had a friend of mine who retired from working in the Forest Service as a Forest Ranger.  And when he retired, he came to me and talked to me extensively about where to go, how to get certain photos, what type of equipment to use, to get the desired photos that he wanted.  And it took him years to finally get some photos of the type you would see published in a magazine, or worthy of "Photos of the Week".  So, it takes time and effort, but, this is a fun one.

#3 -  Professional Portrait photography:
To me, this is a tough one to get into, because there is a lot of portrait photographers.  But, if you are good at it, you can also make a lot of money.  If you can get in with the professional clubs, or organizations, you can get highly recognized for your work and can demand more money as well.  So, this will not happen to you overnight at all.  But, it can be very rewarding.  So, this is a subject that covers several types of photography as well:  Such as wedding photography, baby photography, senior photos, business photos, family photos, etc.  All done where special posing techniques should be taken into effect.  Learn how to pose people correctly and you can do really well with portrait photography.

#4 - Wildlife photography
This is another fun and exciting subject to try. The excitement of being in the outdoors and seeing the wildlife, and capturing them in the animals in their own environment.  And not at the zoo.  But, it does take patience, again, and special equipment.  I would hope that no one tries to take a picture of a moose like this by getting close to it.  You have to have a big lens that will allow you to get this type of shot.  I don't live too far from Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, and there, the animals seem tame.  But, they are very much wild animals, and too often we hear of people getting too close to the animals and have their lives taken because the animal did not like them too close to them.  So, there are big risks in taking wildlife photos.  I would also invite you to visit my friends website who specializes in wildlife photography, does this full time.  You would be very impressed by his work and when you realize what it takes to get these photos, you will realize he did not get to be a professional wildlife photographer overnight.  Please visit his website at:

Other subjects that I see on Facebook and Twitter that are being used all the time, I will just mention by subject.  I don't see many people making these a hobby, but, shooting professionally:

*  AND OTHERS.............

So, with that, find something you like, a particular subject, and work on it.  And find joy in photography, besides just taking pictures of the family.  Force your self to go out and do some creative things.  You will enjoy your photos even more.


Don't miss this week's Photos of the Week on Thursday.  Once again, they will be incredibly and truly inspiring.  


Next week's subject:  "Rules that should be broken "  No, really, we have talked about the rules of composition, but, there are rules that should be broken, and I am going out on a limb, to talk about them.

See you next week.

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