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A new week and more exciting photos from around the world.  Last week's photos were absolutely incredible.  I had more comments on those than ever.  So, I hope these measure up to those from last week, and I think they do.  These photos come from all over the world, once again, and it just makes me realize what a beautiful planet we live on.

First of all, I want to make a correction on a photo I published as Photo of the week on October 8th, and October 15th.  I published this same picture two weeks in a row.  I gave photo credit to Siyong Lee.  That photo was found on his facebook page.  But, the photo credit and photo was actually taken by Jessica Drossin.  I feel the need to re-post this photo again with the proper photo credit.  I have fixed the photos in the previous posts with her name on them now.  
Proper photo credit:  Jessica Drossin

For the protection of the photographer and for myself, my guidelines and rules for posting photos on the weekly "Photos of the Week" are posted down at the bottom of this blog.  Please read carefully to all photographers.  Once again, my appologies to Jessica Drossin for not going the proper steps in making sure that photo was yours.  



Photo credit:  RJ RIJIN

Photo credit: Lincoln Harrison

Photo Credit:  Philip Male

Photo Credit:  Lorena Canizalez

Photo Credit: Jurica Lenard

Photo Credit:  Philip Esterle


THat is this week's "photos of the week".  Absolutely great, great stuff.  Congratulations to all the above photographers.  YOur talent is greatly appreciated and now to be shared by many.


Don't miss my blog on next Monday, when we talk about the importance of taking care of your equipment.  It is so overlooked in the world of photography, and I feel the need to spend some time talking about that.  See you Monday!!


**Guidelines for choosing the Photos of the week:  This is to protect both the photographer and me, the publisher of "Photos of the Week".  It has come to my attention that there are photos that are posted on many places that the photographers names are not mentioned.  So, as a rule, I will not publish a photo unless there is a specific mention of who the photographer is.  If you post a bunch of photos under your name, it will not be published unless that specific photo says that you took that photo.  If you post that you are the photographer of all the photos listed on Facebook, or some other source, then I may verify first that the photo in question is actually yours.  I know that Photography is an art, and so, I want to make sure that the proper credit goes to the artist.  Sometimes it takes  years to master the art of great photos, and I am the first to recognize that the artist should get credit for that work.  So, please be aware that I will only post photos that are clearly the work of the artist.  Any mislabeling is not my fault and is not my intention to publish it without proper credit.  If any question on this, please contact me at:
Thank you.

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